Hey there, what is up? I feel like it has been forever since I posted something and I am so sorry 😦 Anyways what matters is that I’m writing this and it will be up for all you lovely people to read. So a while ago I asked on my polyvore (which you can find the link here: kari-luvs-u-2.polyvore.com ) what kind of topics you would like to read and see about so one topic was a ” Typical Day for me ” this topic was requested by @lovemyariana so props to her for the idea. ( you can also click here to go follow her lovemyariana.polyvore.com ) So since I already started school (I’m in 10th grade If you are wondering) I am going to write about a typical day in my life: school edition. If you would like to see a summer or Christmas one please tell me 🙂 Ok because I am talking a lot how about we get right in to this :
6:30 am- my alarm goes on and it believe it or not I have been waking up, and I have not been hitting that snooze button, since I moved my alarm across the room. ( I would definitely recommend doing this)
I then get up, head to the restroom,brush my teeth, and wash face. After that I go back to my room and fix my bed and clean around me. I then put my uniform on, and go make my breakfast 
7:00- so normally around this time I will be finished doing my hair, cleaning, etc.. so I will head down to the kitchen and make my breakfast. I will be doing a Breakfast Ideas post :))
7:15-7:20- after Im done eating and I have cleaned up my plate I will head up to the restroom and I will floss, brush my teeth, and use some mouthwash.
7:20-7:30- after, I will go to my bedroom get my ipad check my grades, and my homework app, I then take my stuff and head to the living room.
7:30-7:35- I will grab the car keys turn on the car and wait for my mom and sisters and then we are off to school
7:40-7:45- so my sisters’ school is near our house so it takes us less than five minutes to get there I then wait for my carpool since Im in high school and have people riding with me or vice versa. 
And then i get to school, blah blah the basic :))

So I hope yall enjoyed it, I enjoyed typing this and if you liked it please like it ans subscribe to my blog and tell your friends about my blog 🙂 Also dont forget to comment and give me more ideas 🙂 
X O X O, Karina Celeste ❤️ 

[I will be more active, I will try peeps :))]