Fun Things to do in the Summer ๐ŸŒž

Hey what is up! I am here with a new post on fun and cool things to do in the Summer! I know summer isn’t here, but I am so excited for it. I will be giving you some ideas and things to do in the Summer ๐ŸŒž

  • Go Swimming- this is a big thing to do in the summer and it is pretty common. Swimming is considered exercising, and is a good way to cool off in the summer. So go swimming in your pool, community pool, lakes, buy a pool, or go to a friends house. Swimming will help you stay cool, have fun and enjoy your summer with friends and family! ๐ŸŒŠ
  • Hiking- so hiking may sound exhausting and boring, but hiking helps you stay in shape, lets you spend time with family and friends, and much more! If you live near a small area where you can go hiking, or you are on vacation and you find a ย trail, go for it. Ask your parents, go with them take your friends and siblings and have an amazing time! This is also a perfect to take a look at the beauty of nature, admire it and thank God for his creation.
  • Make up Games- Use your imagination. If making up scenarios in your head is fun, then making up games will also be fun! I find myself making up scenarios of me being in a movie etc.. so why not make up some games. You can make up games with water balloons, paint, water guns and more!
  • Read- reading is a great way to work your mind and it can help expand the range of your vocabulary, it can also kind of keep your mind used to reading and processing sentences, descriptive language as if you were in school. Reading doesn’t have to be boring! Just pick up a book that interests you and start reading. You never know, reading can become your favorite thing!
  • DIY’s- a lot of us watch YouTube videos on how to make DIYS’s. And let me say aren’t they pretty addictive? ย I can tell myself ok,ย I will only watch 2 videos but end up watching like 15, and it ends up in procrastination. So since most of us are on summer break, we can actually have time to make some cool DIY’s. ย They are so fun to make and will make your room look a lot cuter.
  • Bucket List- ok so bucket lists are a great way to go on an adventure. Just simply write down places, things, etc… that you would like to accomplish before your time on earth is finished. Checking off things on your bucket lists feels like a huge accomplishment! And it feels great!
  • ย Shopping- this one is probably a bit obvious but, you do not have to have a lot of money to do this. You can simply just go to the mall and go around and make a wishlist. If you do plan on buying things, that will also be fun! Plus during the summer, the malls are nice and cold.
  • Have Sleepovers- this one is super fun, just invite some of your closest friends or all of your friends and have a sleepover! Watch Disney movies, eat, do makeup, get manicures and pedicures and have fun!
  • Ask to go on small or big road trips- ask your parents to take you and your siblings on a road trip or ask family members. You can go to a nice city near you, go to a fair, have ice cream in a city you have never been to, and have fun! You can do this on a budget too if you have a budget.

That was it for this post, please like, subscribe, and leave comments on things you are doing this summer, and comment any recommendations on what I should write about next! Thanks for reading!!!

– Karina Celeste ๐Ÿ™‚


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