How to survive finals

Finals are probably the most stressful thing in High School for most of us. To me it is really stressful. That means mental breakdowns, breaking out, being tired, and late nights. Here are a few tips for finals week!

  • do NOT procrastinate, procrastination will not help you get the desired grade that you really want. turn off all notifications, delete apps like Twitter, IG, Snapchat, etc… This will help you concentrate more, because trust me Social Media distracts a lot, 5 minutes of replying to tweets, snapchats etc… can turn into 1 hour.
  • Music, music helps me concentrate but for many it distracts them. I would recommend relaxing music for people who can concentrate with music. Relaxing music helps with studying and might not lead you to breaking into random dance moves.
  • Clothing, believe it or not your clothing may affect you. when studying I would recommend that you wear yoga pants, sweats, hoodies and clothes that are comfortable. Comfy clothing is wayyyy better than studying in jeans and in a  blouse.
  • Breaks, taking breaks while studying id recommended. Don’t try to cram 200 terms without taking a break. For example you could try 1 hour of studying and 5-10 minutes for a break. Try whatever you think will workout for you.
  • Quizlet, OMG this site is soooo helpful! Quizlet is a site and app where you make your study sets. You can study them, take practice quizzes with them, play games and more! This has seriously helped me so much!

Thanks so much for reading this! Hope you found this helpful!  Good Luck with Finals everyone!! 🙂

Love, Karina Celeste